Mark's Statement

My moments of greatest artistic satisfaction come when I have created a stunning array of color images at a location that I have never seen before.  Be it a sawmill, classroom, upscale resort or construction site, there's something that intrigues me about the challenge of knowing that, through my inherent artistic vision, I can find and create graphically pleasing compositions in any setting.  Although my college training in science has allowed me to fully grasp the physics and technology of photography, it's my 30 plus years of photography experience that finely honed my intuitive creative abilities.

Over the years I have noticed that my images reveal certain recurring features that could be described as intrinsic to my "style":  interplay of geometric line and form; complimentary vibrant key colors; fairly tight framing that precludes large amounts of "dead space"; the creation of interesting visual relationships between elements in a photo that are not actually related to each other; the development of the visual impact of both asymmetry as well as symmetry; and the discriminate use of flash lighting to supplement the best possible use of available light.

For my assignment clients, through careful communications, I work successfully to blend these personal style elements with what the client needs in terms of subject matter and "feel" of the images.  I always give priority the client’s basic needs, and then I work in my angles and creativity to add variety and spice to the visual results.  I often go well beyond the bounds that a client has set out as I naturally shoot what is asked for, then more. The "extra" comes from my on-site exploration and digging for new, unseen and unanticipated compositions that make pleasing graphic statements about the setting. These spontaneous “sense of place” compositions, when added to those on the scripted shoot list, typically produce a diverse image selection that exceeds the expectations of my clients.  

An essential part of my "art" is my ability to get along well with clients and the people I photograph.  Over the years, I've learned how important it is to immediately establish a great working rapport with art directors, models, and site managers, so I pay extra care to make certain that they are comfortable with me.  It’s a given that I accept them as they are and that I work around them, not visa versa.  I strive for simple, uncluttered, unpretentious communications that put all parties at ease, and I encourage the "team effort" type of involvement that can make the day's photography project a complete success for all involved.

The portfolios you can review at this website are intended to help you develop a visual understanding of how I apply my creative abilities and vision when I’m working on location.  From abstract graphic details to sweeping landscapes, aerials and energetic action shots, I am always committed to putting my innate creative tools to work on each and every assignment in order to produce a comprehensive variety of colorful images that show off the distinctive and aesthetic features of each location.