When you can't find the precise subject or right assortment of photos, its time for you to call Gibson Stock Photography so that we can do a custom search of our film file AND send preview scans to you. Yes, we usually are able to do a same-day search of a subject or sequence and scan low resolution thumbnails for your prompt review and selection. These preview files can be e-mailed to you or posted to our web catalogue for your access. Once you have found in these new scans the image you need, we can negotiate the details of your project and provide a compressed high resolution file or the film image.

FREE: We'll scan and e-mail up to three thumbnails for your review without any scanning charge to you.

$50 CONTINGENT FEE if we scan four or more images for your review. This fee is waived if you select one or more images to use from the new scans. The $50 scanning fee will be invoiced to you only if none of the scanned images are used for the project at hand.
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